Meet The Candidates

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B&H  understands  your camera and audio campaign needs.
     In support, we are offering a 30-Day Loan Program for participating candidates to include:  Education, infrared camera attachment for your environmental exposes, incentives for participation in interactive shows with B&H, uploading your podcasts.
You can also receive virtual tokens for purchases from our catalogue. 
We are here for you!​​

Declared Candidates will be placed on this and subsequent pages as a directory leading to the Candidate Landing Page, which will include a bio, provided by the candidate's Campaign Team, their standing in the Tourney by the three catagories for the Debates, links to their chatrooms, Podcasts, which we anticipate will spill over onto their own linked site.   

If you ask a question to a specific candidate to to their Landing Page, which you can find in this directory.

Candidates are listed by date of Declaration of Candidacy for the Debate Tourney.  The directory is alphabetic to simplify finding them.  Their Date of Registion with the Debate Tourney is listed there. Sequence of debate will be alphabetical after Registration and that date is posted on their Landing Page.  Adjustments will be made for broadcast logistics and distribution pricing preferences of the candidates.   Debates do not take into account any party affiliation of the candidate. 

Intra-Party Debates, or Intra-Debates for other groupings, including Independent and Refuse to State, can be arranged.   Contact us and we will try to accomodate you.

    Melinda Pillsbury-Foster

What a Landing Page will look like.  

Candidates have their own landing page on the Tourney site with information on their stands, the schedule for their Debates, PhoneVoter votes, and a link to their campaign site.  Candidates are listed by seniority, meaning when they sign up.