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Christopher Hurley

       Reason I'm running: I've been thinking about this and planning it since I was 18, I will be 37 by 2020 inauguration. Part of why I'm doing this is because of a promise to a candidate I was a network technician for.
         The promise was that if my company wasn't able to receive funding, because investment is being done improperly or poorly. And my view on our current political problems, sociologic problems, and economic problems have not been solved. And education continues on a downward spiral, that I would run the first chance I could.
  Brief points on current topics:
Ending Homelessness:

One of the biggest issues of ending homelessness is the homeless for the most part can't get jobs as they have no form of ID. We need a way for them to get their ID so they can get back in the workforce. My home state has shelters for homeless people and even end up accepting homeless from other states. We need a nationwide push for programs like the Albuquerque homeless work program to be implemented to help with this.

Climate Change:

Currently we need to do more to address the bandage and long term issues affecting the climate. We should reduce emissions by at least 20% and start looking into better alternatives.

Restoring America's Economy:

Investors only invest right now in the safe bet. Currently Investors must invest 10% of their money, we need to add 1% in high risk seed capital so new companies can be formed.