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Daniel M. Kingery

As my Declaration of Candidacy states, I am homeless and have been across from 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. since July 9, 2018. I will not be registering with the FEC, as I will be spending less than the required $5,000 on my campaign. Here's to hoping someone will review website, which details my education/campaign to get our nation working from the same set of plans and on the same page at the same time. In summary: We, the governed people, in order to properly control our government's power; must look at our governments as the CORPORATIONS they are by design and by definition from 1756. We own our governments. The unanimous Declaration of the United States of America is our Corporate Charter and The Constitution for the United States of America is our Corporate By-Laws. A proper perspective is everything. Thus; this campaign of mine, and hopefully yours as well, is not for a Nov 3, 2020 election; but a Total Recall Election that includes 1) Replacing the entire US Presidential Administration; 2) Removing all politicians from elected offices who did not get the consenting votes from the majority of the TOTAL number of registered voters in their respective districts; and to replace our present US Constitution with a better one that removes the ease by which corruption enters and remains in government.
Candidate Statement
With the viciousness of dirty-politics, who would volunteer for the job as President?
In junior-high (about the 6th grade), I ran for my first electable position.
Adult elections are the same, where popularity, good looks, unrealistic promises, a total lack of knowledge about the office and its powers remain "king".
Few elections end with the voting body ever asking direct questions about the office the candidate seeks. The office of President of "The United States of America", is no exception.
Many presidential candidates tell voters that they will get this or that law passed or repealed. Yet, almost never, do we hear an audience member shout to the candidate that they ought best run for Congress. After all; Congress passes and repeals law; not the President.
I joined the Marines as a Junior in High School, on the delayed entry program. On graduation, I was off to boot camp where I would swear an oath to a constitution I only knew by name, not by content or meaning. I swore to defend the rights of our citizens, via The Constitution for the United States of America, against enemies, foreign — and domestic.
At the time, I had no idea how to recognize a domestic enemy. It was not addressed in school. The military did not even hint at the topic; they just wanted young dumb kids who would unquestioningly follow whatever orders they got.
Domestic Enemies include:
  • Any lawmaker who votes to pass any law or act that violates the US Constitution
  • Any executive officer (police and military, etc) who enforces any unconstitutional law or act
  • Any judge who decides the verdict in any criminal prosecution or punishes any person for violating any unconstitutional law or act of government
  • My serious study concerning our nation's constitution began shortly after I got out of the military.

The more I studied, the more I realized that almost nobody really properly understood how The Constitution for the United States of America and The unanimous Declaration of the united States of America are supposed to function to help the governed people control our governments and stop corruption.
In 2007 I just bought a laundry business as the 2008 US Presidential campaign and debates heated up.
The more I watched, the more I new our nation was in trouble. I entered the 2008 race, returned the laundry business to the seller (in accord with our terms), and went on to interview with the people who might become my boss.
The 35-state campaign, with a whopping budget of just under $16,000; ended with many people liking the platform, but not enough to risk anything for such unusual ideas.
My campaign for this office is to try to right a nation that has no idea how far we fell off course from our design or how far back in our history it was that we got off course.
As the governed people, our unified vote is designed to control our governments.
From the 1776 design for our nation, it is impossible for a registered voter to not vote. The votes, if we counted them correctly, would have kept over 98% of all politicians out of office — for lack of consent.
Many of the past candidate's promises could have been fully carried out in less than a year:
  • Drain the political swamp
  • Reduce all crime to extinction-lows, including illegal immigration
  • Largest income tax break for every person since the laws was passed
  • Reduce our nation's debt to the single-digit trillions
  • Create nearly 400,000 new jobs in nearly every state that solves unemployment, address many environmental and energy issues as well
  • Encourages our population to become responsible for their own personal future, thus addressing homelessness, personal medical plans, education, retirement, and others issues
  • Creates other useful non-war activity for the prison-, military-, and educational-industrial complex giving the taxpayer far more value for their dollar
  • These and many other projects and ides are on

Our nation's and government founding documents truly are elementary to comprehend properly. It is time this generation of people learn basic reading comprehension and applied mathematics as they relate to how we are supposed to control our governments and how our votes are supposed to be counted.
As we build up towards another revolutionary blood and gut war; we can correct our path this month as opposed to November 2020. We, the governed people, have that authority to recall politicians, acts of government, laws, executive orders, commercial contracts, and even judges and their decisions; from the local levels to the federal government. It is time we learn and exercise our political clout.
Unity strengthens. Diversity survives.
The more diverse we are as a body of citizens and the stronger our unity among us the better our odds of putting down the insurrection and rebellion by our government officers against our Supreme Law of the Land (US Constitution, Article 6).
Thank you.
Respectfully Submitted,
Daniel Melzine Kingery
(202) 246-9698

Daniel's  Website

Daniel Melzine Kingery is a candidate for President of the United State
This is the reality he faces every day.  Daniel has not given up.


Daniel Kingery's Video Commentary

It gets cold in Lafayette Park, within sight of the White House.  But Daniel Kingery is used to the cold.  Daniel is a Debate Tourney Candidate for president.  Daniel understands the problems we face.yyetteette Park, 

Some of Daniel's ideas for encouraging substantial and solution-oriented debates and discussion on the problems America faces today.yetteette Park,