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Debate Tourney Candidates are Running to Solve Our Problems

Debate Tourney's candidates can choose to participate in Tours, travelling to the locations where voters are deciding who to support for President and presenting Debate Tourney Proven Solutions.  Most of those who signed up to Debate came with platforms including proposals, or ideas.  After looking over the solutions we provide, most decided to adopt DebateTourney solutions into their own platforms.  
      As you have likely noticed,  Debate Tourney is predicated on the idea everyone of us should be able to be heard.  Ideology, theology, cultural traditions, mandates from existing institutions, and other systemic belief systems are human tools we all have, inherited from family tradition, adopted through faith or reason, or appeals to wealu or association with institutions traditionally associated with elevated social status as qualifiers.  Forget these.
      The question is what works to solve problems, especially the knotty and devisive problems we face today.  That is why 'prove it' is our bottom line.  
      Cut to the chase; test it while millions of people are watching; take into account all variables; and then use choice by millions of people to decide what they want to have and are willing to pay.   The best argument is observed and replicatable outcome.  
       Debate the ideas in the traditional form using College Rules; let the audience ask questions and get answers; take the solutions on the road, sharing the facts and using cost - benefit analysis to determine if an idea is affordable, and who profits. 
       The candidates for the office of President of the United States who have signed up to participate in Debate Tourney have ideas which they can debate.  They can also adopt the solutions already identified as proven to work which we provide. 
        Our shows take on problems designed so people can solve the problem themselves.   

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