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Dr. Doris J. W. Brown

Doris Brown is seeking the office of President to restore America back to the traditions of "Greatness". I do not want to see America continue to fall from grace because of lack of understanding and leadership. When you understand situations and have a interest in all individuals decisions made reflect change. 
I will Revise Healthcare, I will have educational healthcare programs in all schools as a course starting in elementary schools. And healthcare for all individuals
I will Revise our automotive industry to preserve the greatness in American built products.

I will Revise our farming industry, to help farmers become successful farmers 

I will Revise opportunities for businesses to become self-supportive.
I will help the coal miners to move forward instead of backwards.
School Lunch programs will be revised.

I will look closely at our tax laws and issues and make changes that help citizens.

American Restaurant 's and Tourism Industry will be Revised.
Educational will be made available to youngsters and to the senior population.
America will be back in the "Business of People"
Doris J.W. Brown 
President 2020 

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